Wearable Tech for cows

A new wearable tracking collar created by Cambridge Industrial Design (CID) is enabling farmers to locate exactly where their dairy… Read More

CID News Flash

Leading Cambridge consultancies merge to create new product design powerhouse. Cambridge Industrial Design and Think Product Design partner to deliver expanded… Read More

In the Spotlight

A product developed by Cambridge Industrial Design for leading lighting company Osram is in the spotlight after winning a major… Read More

Sensing movement

Cambridge Industrial Design recently completed work on a motion capture suit for start-up company Media Interakt. The MotivePro is a… Read More

Sustainable product design

Cambridge Industrial Design has started to use new software to examine the sustainability / environmental impact of our designs.

Sensing the pulse

Cambridge Industrial Design has worked with GE Sensing and Inspection Technologies over many years and has recently helped develop a new non-destructive test probe.

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