CID gets into hot water

Cambridge Industrial Design has worked with Viridian Solar to design and develop ‘The POD’ – A domestic, solar heating hot water tank.

Solar heating experts, Viridian, understood that the biggest challenge when installing solar heating isn’t fitting the panels on the roof, it’s the work inside the home to integrate solar heating with the existing heating system.

Cambridge Industrial Design were asked to help develop concept designs for this problem. Having successfully worked with Viridian on products such as their Aura touch panel, we provided design support throughout the project. Product assembly, shipping and instillation of the device were all investigated as part of the design process.

The hot water tank was designed to fit through a standard loft hatch and its horizontal format allows it to slide into the tightest corner – an industry first. The only work inside the house is to run pipework to feed the solar heated water to the existing heating system.

CID designed the POD cover for rotational moulding, creating a durable and lightweight enclosure with smooth lines and a distinctive character. The manufacturing process produces large plastic parts for a very affordable capital investment.

The Pod is a game-changing new approach that simplifies installation of solar heating and reduces disruption in the home to an absolute minimum.